Our Vision

The Firms name „Micro Meets Macro Investment“ stands for a combination of micro and macro economic factors to generate intelligent investment solutions for financial markets.

Micro factors usually comprise a measurable set of company specific data such as financial and operational results as well as subjective judgements of management or product quality. Macroeconomic factors typically arise from the aggregation of micro factors. Typical macro factors are for example economic cycle data, target rates of central banks or the general business trend on a region-, country- or industry level. Our clear goal is to develop an active approach of timing micro with macro economic factors on a quantitative basis, thus creating multi factor indices, which are set to deliver superior return risk profiles in comparison to existing passive products.

We are distinctly focused on commodity and equity markets of commodity producers, where we have more than 20 years of experience to look back on. We were among the first, with the turn of the millennium in creating intelligent, active commodity funds, combining fundamental and technical factors of individual commodities. These were designed to produce added value relative to common commodity indices. We are convinced that we can further enhance the return risk profile of today’s commodity investment products.

In the last ten years a broad variety of quantitative products has emerged in the commodity futures space. The same is not true for portfolios of commodity producers. Microeconomic factors which might work for other industries are often inadequate for commodity producers. The development of an intelligent, quantitative investment solution for a broad universe of energy and metals producers demands a fundamental understanding of the underlying business models of commodity producers as well as strong quantitative background, IT and backtesting experience. With our firsthand knowledge and background we can confidently check these boxes.